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Well Support Bra

Sale priceMRP ₹ 345.00

A layered and cotton everyday saree bra.

Layered (double) and cotton cups with six semicircle stitches on the sides of each cup give the bra a moulded shape without compromising support and comfort. The cups contain and cover the breast completely, also detailed by the horizontal vent that spans each cup. 

The bra band, also called as the chest band, is the band that runs around the ribcage – it becomes the most important strength of the bra as it supports the bust from below. 

(Bra band at the front is the band seen on the lower edge of the front of the bra. Bra band at the back is the band that goes around the back, sitting horizontally across the back holding the fasteners and the straps.)

Here, both the bra bands at the front and at the back are sewn with an elastic strip at the end, and along the edges, ensuring comfort and elasticity. 

The Well Support Bra is available in White and Skin.

Cup Size:
Well Support Bra Sale priceMRP ₹ 345.00