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Each Woman Is Beautiful, and Uniquely Beautiful

Crafting well-constructed, everyday brassieres and panties, we add meaning and purpose to
womanhood – one piece of lingerie at a time.

Each woman is beautiful, each with an anatomy that is solely her’s to claim – we make lingerie
for each of these anatomies. Ours is an array of structured and well-thought bras and panties that
armor all phases of female lifehood. From bras for budding breasts, panties for menstruation and
post-partum, bras for feeding mothers, to bras to be worn while asleep, our products follow
female phases and roles in fabric, thread, and stitch.

Blossom: An Epitome of Elegance and Quality.

About Us

Established in 1982 and fortified with the distinction of ISO 9001:2008 certification, Blossom stands as an iconic brand under the prestigious umbrella of Blossom Inners. Our dedication lies in creating specialty lingerie that embodies the essence of the contemporary, discerning woman — a woman who seeks to radiate confidence every moment.

As the premier name in South India's intimate apparel sector, Blossom Inners has carved its legacy by consistently introducing groundbreaking products that resonate with our commitment to excellence. This relentless pursuit of innovation has solidified our reputation on the global stage as a pioneering leader in the industry.Our hallmark lies in our unparalleled quality, impeccable fit, and unmatched service, all beautifully manifested in our exquisite range. From the perfect-fitting Cotton and Hosiery Bras to our collection of Panties, Bra-Panty Sets, Slips, Tights, and more, every piece in the Blossom Inner Wear ensemble speaks of luxury and finesse.