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Saree Bra Thin

Sale priceMRP ₹ 355.00

A layered (double), cotton, and softly seamed saree bra with katori cut. 

Katori, put simply, means cup. This is a cut-and-sew bra with a few soft and vertical seams on the lower cup. The cups are divided into 5 sections in the lower half (each separated  by vertical seams) and an extra vertical seam in the middle and one on the top. 

The seams make the layered cup sturdier and equip them to provide better support for heavier breasts. The multiple vertical seams on the lower cup direct the breast tissue upward, thus providing incredible lift and moulded shape by enhancing natural shape. The lace trim around the cup, neckline and outer edges of the cup add to the elegance of the bra. 

The Saree Bra (Thin) is available in White and Skin.

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Saree Bra Thin Sale priceMRP ₹ 355.00