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Plus Size Bra

Sale priceMRP ₹ 345.00

Cotton, layered (double), plus size bra for extra support and complete coverage with no pads or wires. 

Plus size bra is an elegant cut-and-sew bra, with layered (double), conical cups. The horizontal seam on the cup divides it into two – upper cup and lower cup. The lower cup is again divided into four sections, by three soft, smooth, and vertical seams. Multiple seams on the lower cup provide firm lift and shape. The softly seamed conical cups provide complete coverage to the breasts without any bulges or spills. The lace trim placed at the neckline and outer edges of the cup add to the elegance of the bra. 

The softly seamed cotton cups are joined to slender adjustable straps using a ring, and are then attached to the backband in a deep 'U' shape, creating a neat, and snug appearance at the back. 

Wide elastic strip runs around the ribcage of the wearer, supporting the weight of the breasts. 

The unique backstrap joint (the part where the straps attach to the braband in the back) reduces strain on the shoulders and back, by evenly distributing the weight of the breasts throughout the band.

The Plus Size Bra is available in White, Skin, and Black.

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Plus Size Bra Sale priceMRP ₹ 345.00