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Mercy SSU

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A woven fabric is constructed with two threads, horizontal and vertical, by interlacing (interweaving) them at right angles to one another. Such a fabric is durable and smooth. 

Cotton is one of the most widely preferred materials, during pregnancy and post pregnancy. It has everything that a woman needs for a comfortable breastfeeding experience as it is extremely breathable, highly absorbent, and easy to wash or dry. It provides excellent air circulation and is safest against skin allergies. 

Mercy Bra is a drop-down-cup nursing bra. These are called 'drop -down cups ' or 'drop-cups' as they come with a flap on the cups that can be hooked and unhooked easily to nurse. As you breastfeed, you just have to unhook one cup while the other breast would still be covered. There is a sling in this bra. This bra has a wider bra frame with wide underbands to provide extra support and to hold the cups firmer. 

Slender and adjustable bra straps are attached to the slim backband in a neat ‘U’ shape to reduce strain on the shoulders and back. The slender seam and stitches on the cup and other parts of the bra, will keep the awkwardness of visible bra lines at bay. 

The back closure adds to the comfort and convenience of breastfeeding. 

The Mercy Bra is available in Skin and White.

blossom-Mercy SSU-skin1-maternity collection-utility based bra
Mercy SSU Sale priceMRP ₹ 395.00

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