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Kids Tights - School Tights

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These school tights are crafted entirely from 100% cotton, ensuring utmost comfort and breathability for the wearer. The natural fibers of cotton make them soft against the skin, ideal for prolonged wear during school hours.

Designed to provide coverage while remaining discreet, these tights extend to mid-thigh length. This length is suitable for wearing under skirts, ensuring modesty and comfort while adhering to school uniform regulations.

The tights offer a snug yet comfortable fit, hugging the legs without feeling restrictive. The mid-thigh length provides ample coverage without extending too far down the leg, allowing for ease of movement throughout the day.

Concealed Elastic Waistband: Featuring a concealed elastic waistband, these tights provide a secure and comfortable fit around the waist without creating any bulk or visible lines under the skirt.

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Kids Tights - School Tights Sale priceMRP ₹ 179.00