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Functional Bra

Sale priceMRP ₹ 525.00

A wireless, cut-and-sew, seamed everyday bra for medium coverage but better support. 

A seamed bra (also known as a cut-and-sew bra) is one that is sewn with cups that is made up of multiple pieces of fabric. The functional bra has a three-part cup, where the seams divide the cup into 3 sections, accentuating shape and support.

The cups are sewn with two sections on the bottom (separated by a vertical seam) and one on the top. The seams make the cup sturdier as they become able to provide better support for heavier breasts . The vertical seam, directs the breast tissue upward, providing lift and a moulded shape. The additional seams on the wings or side panels (side panel or wing is the part next to the cup, that gives side support) and non-stretchable T-pince or cradle (the triangular area right below the point where right and left cup meet) help in providing complete support. 

Elastane underband and backbands, and the trim at the neckline add to the elegance and comfort of this medium coverage everyday bra.

The Functional Bra is available in Skin, Blushed Pink, Navy Blue, Camel Brown, and Rose Gold.  


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Functional Bra Sale priceMRP ₹ 525.00